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We aim to be the leading alternative choice for expats looking for an intelligent approach to their finances, that want a proven academic approach to investing their money and that puts them at the centre of their finances, not advisor profit.

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There was a time, before the global financial crisis, when the central banker's job was relatively simple. The main goal was simply to keep inflation under control and if it stayed around the 2% to 4% level, everyone was happy. Interest rates around 4% were acceptable. By the time the Federal Reserve officially set its inflation target in early...

Should you be concerned about the stability of your own bank now that problems are spilling over to Europe? Just a few days after the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, Credit Suisse's shares went into free fall. Will the Swiss bank drag other European banks along? Are we heading for a new banking crisis? And is your bank threatening to falter too?...

We've all had that conversation where you tell a friend you're planning on moving abroad. Their eyes light up as though they are talking to a movie star and they say something like, "living abroad is so glamorous." Once they've calmed down and stopped fantasizing about drinking G&T whilst watching peacocks roam across the lawn of their vast estate,...

Sometimes the things you enjoy and the things you are talented at come together and you get the chance to turn your passions and skills into a career. That's our story of how we became a financial advisor.

Banks can fail, as the story of Silicon Valley Bank shows. While the collapse of SVB does not raise questions about the stability of the global financial system as a whole, it is yet another reminder that banks work with their customers' money. With the money in our accounts that we use to pay our monthly bills. With the money...

We could forgive you for thinking that bank failures are a thing of the Great Depression, not something that would happen now. You'd be wrong, thanks to the highly publicized bankruptcy of a once-obscure institution called Silicon Valley Bank, which collapsed Friday and was taken over by federal regulators to protect the assets of its depositors....

Regular portfolio reviews are critical to the success of your investments, especially after volatility in the stock, bond, and currency markets. Unfortunately, many expats never get around to reviewing their portfolios, or if they do, they don't approach the process in a sensible way that will give you (better) results over time.

At some point, expats may consider investing in one of the many offshore investment schemes that are actively marketed by unscrupulous salesmen. It's understandable why the promotional literature for these plans can be pretty compelling. The sales pitch might go something like this:

There are almost infinite ways to invest successfully. If success ends with a portfolio large enough to meet your investment goals, whether that be early retirement, putting kids through college, or leaving a legacy, there are countless ways to get there.

In a world that is hugely influenced by "news", let's take a look behind the scenes of how the media really works, how the "dark arts" of this industry are used to make a living.

When it comes to most things in our personal lives, it's rarely "one size fits all". This can be especially true when looking for a financial advisor for the LBGTQ+ community. Of course, there are general pieces of advice and tips that can be used by anyone to enrich your financial knowledge, but true LGBTQ+ financial planning is much more...

Expats have to keep track of many things in life - children, friends, hobbies, careers, self-care, the list goes on. Chances are, your investment portfolio knowledge is not high on your list.

We dedicate part of our financial planning practice to helping the expat LGBTQ community, because we ourselves know very well what it feels like to be discriminated. It's time to both celebrate progress towards equality and raise awareness of the challenges many LGBTQ people continue to face.

If history teaches us anything about investing, it's that markets never rise in a straight line. As much as all investors prefer quiet periods with stable returns, this is simply not how markets work.

You've spent decades building the "perfect" retirement plan and you're all set. However, the day you submit your letter of resignation, the market crashes. What now?

We took inspiration for this opinion from a question sent by a reader of our website. Let's be honest, it's what we are all thinking. It's one of THE most important questions high-performance expats ask themselves when it comes to financial planning.

We've been working as an open and proud LGBTQ+ fiduciary certified financial advisor for over 2 decades and we must admit that homophobia has been great for our business so far. Providing a haven to our LGBTQ+ expat clients seeking sound fiduciary financial advice has become a substantial part of our happy lives, thank you so much! For the record,...

Building wealth and achieving your financial goals start and end with cash flow. You can only do 3 things with money - spend it, save it, or give it away. Your ability to build wealth and reach your goals is largely a matter of spending less than you earn and prioritising saving and investing.

Avoid working with Commission-Based Firms that lack Integrity! Major offshore IFA's/financial advisors in Asia, the Middle East and beyond are misrepresenting their services in their marketing to prospective clients. Their websites refer to their professionals as 'financial advisors', 'financial planners' and other titles that create the impression...

It's only natural that more of us are thinking about protecting our health. This may be particularly true if you live abroad and are unfamiliar with the local health system or are a frequent traveller and want to know you will be protected wherever you are.

Buy any product (offshore savings plan/portfolio bond) or investment fund via a 'financial salesman' and you will be charged commissions and that can't help but have a distorting effect on 'the advice' you receive. The financial salesman is paid on commissions by the providers of financial products in Isle of Man, Guernsey, Dublin, Mauritius,...

In some respects, the personal finance sections in the press can be useful. For example, warnings about financial scammers and some of the methods they use are always helpful. Likewise, regular reminders for you to try and get the best rate on your mortgage, and similar tips about how you can save money on anything from holiday insurance to air...

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