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We aim to be the leading alternative choice for expats looking for an intelligent approach to their finances, that want a proven academic approach to investing their money and that puts them at the centre of their finances, not advisor profit.

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"My new consultant explains everything clearly, provides regular updates and I just get the excellent service I was hoping for. I would definitely recommend using this service. A real added value compared to many other players in the expat market."

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While the hospitality and finance industries may seem vastly different, we are of the opinion that there are several similarities between successful hotel general managers and financial consultant when it comes to excelling in their respective fields. This blog delves into the similarities between the two roles.

Offshore bonds and long-term savings plans are provided by some major firms in the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Dublin, the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, etc. These insurers pay the financial salesmen's commissions. The commissions come straight out of clients' (=your!) money. This is reminiscent of the once-common practise of paying salespeople in the UK,...

Money isn't a dress rehearsal. As an expat, your financial choices might affect your fortune. Finding a trusted financial consultant to make smarter decisions is difficult. Because anyone may call themselves a "financial advisor" in the expat financial services market. Insurance agents, bank clerks, and real estate agents use it.

Investing requires patience and time. The best family stewards frequently work for decades to achieve their financial objectives but investing may be difficult, frustrating, and occasionally frightening.

If we learned anything about money, we were told that it was through spreadsheets and calculators. It must be logical and sensible. But then we go to check our credit card bill with our spouse or partner, and we start arguing.

If you've heard this one before, please stop us: US senators are at odds over raising the federal debt ceiling through legislation. The situation has been simmering for months, but it might boil over this summer when the US Treasury runs out of money to pay its debts. The decision to raise the nation's debt limit is usually simple, except...

Investors can diversify their investments by laddering fixed-income bonds of different maturities. Investors lend money to the issuer for a specified length of time in exchange for quarterly, semi-annual, or annual interest payments at a set rate. Laddering bonds reduces interest rate risk and liquidity risk for many investors.

Philosophy can be relatively simple, despite the intimidating and complicated seeming name. In fact, it may be so straightforward that it may be encapsulated in a single word. The sum of years of experience and knowledge in comprehending the nuances of markets and human behaviour is our investment philosophy.

Retirement planning is more vital than ever, but it is also more difficult. With recent high inflation rates, most seniors are concerned about outliving their savings. This risk is extremely real and must be carefully considered in order to have a pleasant retirement.

Pensions are vital, and retirement planning is an important aspect of financial planning. Making sure you have enough savings and assets in your pension fund is one of the most important measures to ensuring a good retirement.

Financial security in retirement is a major concern for many of us. That's because retirees must factor in not only the loss of a steady paycheck, but also the expenditures associated with passing on assets and maintaining a high standard of living. Many of us would like to set aside some of our money for more luxurious pursuits. To realise...

If you purchase any product (offshore savings plan/portfolio bond) or investment fund through a 'financial salesman,' you will be charged commissions, which will undoubtedly skew the 'advice' you receive. Financial product providers in the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Dublin, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and other jurisdictions pay the financial...

It is common for people to have the misconception that financial consultants exclusively provide assistance to extremely rich individuals and their families; however, this is not the case. Most of the time, they help families who require assistance in planning for retirement, saving for the college expenses of their children, purchasing a home, and...

As a financial consultant for the past 29 years, we have witnessed our fair share of challenging markets alongside our clients. Despite how unpleasant these times are, they are a normal part of market cycles. We have gone through the longest and one of the strongest historically bull market cycles since the Great Recession of 2008–2009. Given that...

You may hear that the dollar is nearing its end as the world reserve currency and that recent events (the threat in the divided US Congress not to raise the federal debt ceiling, the US seizing assets of Russian oligarchs without due process) contribute to that end. Other options have been proposed, such as bitcoin, the euro or the Chinese...

The expat financial services industry is improving but it remains haunted by past misdeeds which are still raw in the minds of victims of bad advice. Financial advisers in Asia, the Middle East and beyond have still the worst reputation while they are lambasted as the least trusted. Why is that?

The socio-economic environment for consumers has evolved considerably in recent years. Individuals are increasingly becoming (jointly) responsible for their personal financial well-being (e.g., health care and pension provision), while financial products and the financial landscape are becoming increasingly complex. These social trends not only...

Moving abroad is a dream, there are millions living and working in another country than their home country but there is a sober side to relocating, especially for those retiring in the sun – how to keep your hard-earned money safe!

Investing your money is one of the best decisions you can make for your future, and here at Expat Beleggen, we are big advocates of getting the experts to handle your investments and pension.

Many salespeople learn to ask great questions. They listen. Like a master salesperson, they might learn your birthday and your children's birthdays. They might send gifts, take you out for dinner, or pay for rounds of golf with a charismatic smile. Some salespeople are psychopaths with a lot of traits. Five of these traits include superficial...

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