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About Us

Our drive to be different, to communicate differently and to break patterns

Our Motivation

Expat Beleggen was founded in 2010 on a strong set of principles and values that became intrinsic in our founder, while he worked with one of Europe's leading comprehensive financial service providers, concentrating on life insurance and pension planning.

Frustrated by the "one-size-fits-all" approach he saw in action he decided to become an independent advisor, relishing the freedom to provide solutions that were best suited to his expat clients, on a performance fee-only rather than commission basis.

Our values-based fiduciary financial advisory service has stayed small, exclusive and personal, true to its core guiding principles, and has proved highly successful in curating, managing and growing the wealth of our expatriate clients that are spread around the world.

In the words of our company founder: 

"Most expat financial services advisors are commission chasers. We want to belong to the small percentage of performance fee-only advisors in order to erode the scepticism that is rife within our industry.


Our Experience

Our firm's chief financial advisor holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management (Marketing), is a Certified Pension Planner and Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, and also holds an Associate Degree in Psychology.

With a background in financial services in Europe, and providing expert financial advice as an independent since 2010, he has built up an intricate knowledge of cross-border retirement and investment planning, being consulted by senior expats across Southeast Asia and the Middle East and elsewhere across the Globe.

Having personally experienced living and working abroad our expert financial advisors are best placed to tailor services for our clients and forge long-lasting close relationships with the expats we help.

Our specialist expat financial advisory services know no boundaries - we have clients in

Our Values & Ethics

Here at Expat Beleggen we focus on financial planning rather than purely selling investment products, many of which have high fees, unnecessary structures and expensive funds that under-perform.

We use only evidence-based low-cost funds, not actively managed funds, and charge a transparent performance fee only. We don't depend on commissions for our remuneration.

Our clients' needs and holistic financial situation are our priority - we are in the business of helping you plan, achieve and maintain your lifestyle as an expatriate based anywhere in the world.

With our help we can relieve the stress of managing your money, providing the advice, financial security and options you need to safeguard your present and assure a prosperous future as you settle into life in a foreign country.

If you're working in a low-tax country you will have a higher disposable income to make the most of, and if you're close to retirement you deserve to reap the rewards of your working life. Perhaps you have got entrepreneurial plans or personal goals, or existing investments that you are struggling to manage. These are all the scenarios we are qualified and competent to assist you with.

It's never too late to achieve your financial goals - we'd love to help you do so.

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