The international advice market will become the leader on the global stage


The international expatriate advice market is currently going through a period of major changes. For example, there are market-disrupting consultants such as Expat Beleggen who have left the good old days of commissions far behind and only work with a performance fee.

Consultants who understand what their clients want know they need to spend time with them to understand their goals. The more time consultants can spend with their clients and not worry about investments or technology, the better the outcome for their clients. Likewise, Expat Beleggen has thought about the value of clients and we organize all investments on one platform in Luxembourg and we do not concern ourselves at all with the wide range of commission/commission charged products and investment managers who charge high fees.

Expat Beleggen also follows the UK, Europe, US and Australia in terms of regulation. Couple this with the complexity of the international consulting market and the next logical step is "leadership" on the global stage. However, many markets in the international consulting space have yet to catch up in terms of regulation compared to the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. For example, places like the UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore have yet to steadily strengthen their regulatory frameworks. We think that the regulators should enforce even more responsibility for the commission products that the advisors there still continue to impose on expat clients. It is clear that these advisors are pathological liars and are salesmen first and foremost and do not want to establish a relationship of trust with you.

Expat Beleggen, on the other hand, is a consultant who values the following core values:

  • Our competence: requires the highest financial planning standards
  • Our customer-oriented approach: we are committed to a fiduciary relationship that puts you, the customer, at the center
  • Our "helicopter" view: we apply a holistic approach to financial planning
  • Our fee: we only charge a performance fee, which guarantees objective advice

As an expat you deserve a fiduciary standard of care and with us you get a consultant who accepts the fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interests and refuses to accept commissions or fees contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product. You know that your consultant cannot be a salesperson if he has nothing to sell.

There is a wide range of financial planning services that are part of comprehensive asset management that does not impose expensive products. Commission-based advisors have a hard time justifying these services when they don't generate product revenue. About 98% of offshore financial services in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are commission-based advisors. They sell you a product with misleading statements that expats don't understand.

Expat Beleggen simply does not follow the herd of salespeople who relentlessly peddle the various life insurance linked investments to earn an exorbitant commission. In contrast, our priorities are simple: We are committed to providing you with a great financial experience!


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