What sets us apart from other financial consultants?


Only 2% of all advisers are real financial consultants who only work with a performance fee. The other 98% are brokerage consultancies - the ones you hear about often.

All of these advisers receive commissions from funds and insurers for products ("portfolio bond", "offshore savings policy" etc.) they sell to you.

High-fee investments cost you significant amounts over time. Often you are not even aware of these high costs; however, they can make a big difference in an adviser's recommendations by directing clients to products that financially benefit the adviser, not necessarily you - the client.

As part of the 2%, we are only compensated by the performance fees we charge our clients, not by commissions earned from the sale of financial products or financial transactions.

We work as a fiduciary and we are legally obliged to act in the interest of our clients. We never deduct costs from our customers' accounts. We charge an annual performance fee of 0.4% of the market value of a client's portfolio IF the agreed annual return of the client's portfolio is achieved.

We invest our client's assets in no-load and index mutual funds. We never purchase funds that are sold with a sales charge or commission.

We want to forcefully end the misleading sales, inappropriate advice and exploitation that are rampant in the offshore expat financial services market.


If you want to know more about our services, please get in touch: hello@expatbeleggen.com