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Why we became a financial advisor


Sometimes the things you enjoy and the things you are talented at come together and you get the chance to turn your passions and skills into a career. That's our story of how we became a financial advisor.

When we were young, we often had conversations with our mother about finances and how important it was for us to invest in our future. From that moment on, our interest in the financial world was awakened. As we got older, we noticed that people in our lives came to us with questions about investing and other financial matters. It dawned on us that we had something valuable to offer others and we began taking the necessary steps to become a financial advisor.

The beginning

During our studies we worked part-time at a bank while also serving customers in the evenings as bartenders. On a rare day off, we wandered through a shopping mall and came across a financial company through a hiring booth. They hired us and helped us get the right licenses. We instantly fell in love with our role as a financial advisor and the privilege of helping people achieve their financial goals.

Not long after we started in that company, we became the manager of the office and later we moved to a big city to manage an office there. After working with this company for 16 years, we decided to go out on our own and become a performance fee based consultant so we had the freedom to provide services that are in the best interest of our clients.

Our career today

Our goal is to help our clients with the unique challenges they face and take the mystery out of preparing for today and the future. We believe there is no single strategy that suits everyone, which is why each client receives our undivided attention and tailored solutions throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation to follow-up. We specialize in wealth management, retirement planning and income solutions and we enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients.

Challenges and joys

While we love our role as a financial advisor, there are certainly challenges that come with this job. It can be difficult to find new customers who share our mission and want to commit to the trusted, long-term relationship we provide. But our love for this career outweighs any obstacles we may encounter in our path. Nothing is more satisfying and inspiring than seeing a client's planning and hard work pay off, helping our clients retire successfully.

We work hard every day because of the strong duty we feel towards our clients and their plans. People put their trust in us and trust us to guide them to their ideal future. We do not take this responsibility lightly and we strive to continuously grow and improve our skills to help our customers in an even better way.

Taking the first step

We are always open to meet new people and see how we can help. Whether you have already started planning for the future or don't have any strategies yet, we encourage you to contact us today for a no-obligation chat to see how we can help: hello@expatbeleggen.com